Zé Delivery App Redesign

Year: 2018

Responsibilities: Team Leadership, Planning, User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Prototyping, User Interface Design, Branding

Highlight: Zé Delivery app entered the top 10 in the Food & Drink category for the very first time

Zé Delivery is Brazil’s biggest alcohol marketplace and the best way to shop cold beer, wine and spirits.


ZX Ventures is the global growth and innovation group within AB InBev, the world’s leading global brewer. Their mandate is to invest in and develop new products and businesses that address emerging consumer needs, being Zé Delivery one of those businesses. The project started with an MVP in 2015 and the same was still used by the end of 2017, despite its many usability and experience flaws. The business was preparing to scale fast, and so one of the main goals was to analyse the existing MVP and turn it into a polished product.


The complete project took around 3 quarters. In the first quarter we conducted several research with users and stakeholders to understand which product do the users and the business needed. We conducted expert reviews, surveys, phone interviews, competitors analysis, GA analysis, to name a few of the techniques.  Then we compiled all that knowledge in a CSD matrix and we crafted a roadmap for the second quarter, which was comprised mainly of 3 two-week design sprints. At total we designed more than 120 unique screens for the prototypes, we logged more than 12 hours of remote usability test videos with about 30 users. We consolidated our learnings, presented to the stakeholders and started the final part and quarter: polishing the interface and user flows so the developers could start coding the new app. We launched a beta version first to compare e performance of it against the old app before releasing for the whole user base.


The conversion rate increased almost 8 percentage points, the Google Play rating increased form 2,90 to 3,50 and the average order value increased around 4 dollars. Only by merging the products portfolio of every partner in a region, instead of showing only one at a time as before, the number of users seeing the portfolio that we consider ideal for our operation increased more than 12 percentage points. Plus, at the end of the project we created a design system to be used for future features and projects.