VivaReal Listing Detail Pages

Year: 2017

Responsibilities: User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, User Interface Design

VivaReal is an online real estate portal that enables its users to sell, buy, rent or invest in residential and commercial properties throughout Brazil.


VivaReal offers more than 5 million listings of houses and apartments for rent and purchase. Therefore the listing detail pages are the most important parts of the whole platform. Since the company started, a lot of new information and features were added to the listing detail pages, but most of them were at a fast pace and not properly validated with users before. Plus, after some years the detail page of a new property ended up having a completely different layout and structure compared to the detail page of a used property, even though there is no documentation of the reasoning behind it. Given these scenarios, our high level goals were to:

  1. Discover which information and actions users valued the most when searching for a property and update the listing pages accordingly, increasing the conversion rate.

  2. Converge the different listing page layouts into a single one, reducing the time and effort to maintain and update those pages.


First we conducted interviews, revised user research, benchmarked competitors and conducted an co-design workshop with users and internal stakeholders. We organised our learnings in a CSD Matrix (Certainties, Suppositions, and Doubts) and then began to ideate and draft potential solutions for both desktop and mobile. Since the way the information was presented in the page was fundamental for this project, we focused on polishing the user interface prior conducting a few usability tests and 5 second tests with users. Regarding the implementation, we decided to change the existing detail pages progressively, starting from the bottom of the page first, AB testing every new change until the whole page was just like in our design.


The organic conversion rate increased 3 percentage points and the bounce rate dropped more than 1 percentage point.