Meatless APP

Year: 2015 - 2017

Responsibilities: Branding, Visual Design, Front-end development, Information Architecture, Interaction Design

Highlight: Meatless app was featured on the App Store 5 times

Meatless is the first Brazilian 100% vegetarian and vegan food ordering app. We truly believe that reducing meat consumption in Brazil (and eventually the world) can start with a few clicks on your smartphone.

More and more people are ordering food online by their phones instead of calling the restaurants. But unfortunately there aren’t many vegetarian and vegan menus available on most of the current app, and even when there are, they are difficult to find. So we came up with Meatless.

One of our major concerns when designing the app and our brand was not to make it look like just another veggie app, because whoever isn’t vegan or vegetarian tends to avoid these apps and think that they are not for them. But actually they are too. You can still eat meat if you want to; but why not try to reduce it by discovering that there are other delicious options available for you to easily order right from your smartphone? So, with this in mind, we decided to use the green color to a minimum, and use mainly yellow and orange in order to not only make it appealing but healthy looking as well (giving it some sort of citrus vibe). We designed our logo to be either seen as a healthy citrus fruit or as a (pac) man eating some salad, which either way represents our thoughts behind the product.

We also wanted to make the ordering experience in the app the most pleasurable and easy as possible, so we focused on the imagery and also cut many unnecessary details and steps (for instance, if you want you can order without logging in). We ran some surveys with vegans and vegetarians in the beginning and we also released a beta version for a small group to test the app in São Paulo state for a month to gather their feedback.

The Android app was designed using material design and it is already available. When launched the app was featured in "Top Free Health & Fitness Apps" on the Google Play App Store. We are currently finishing the design and implementation of the iOS version.