Ingresse watch apps

Year: 2015

Responsibilities: Visual Design, Front-end development, Information Architecture, Interaction Design

Ingresse's app for smart watches allows users to quickly discover the main events nearby and also to show their tickets at the event entrance without having to take their phones out of their pockets. Also, the user receives a notification with a countdown whenever an event is a few hours away from starting.

We worked first to identify primary use cases, and then we quickly designed the architecture of the app and flows. Since a good interaction with smart watches should not take longer than 5 seconds, we stripped down the app taking away any complex function or any information that was not essential. So, for instance, the user can only see a dozen events and, if he wants to explore more or filter them, he needs to go to the companion Ingresse app for the mobile phone. The same goes for reading more about an event or buying tickets. In the Apple Watch version we used Apple's Handoff feature to maintain the continuity across the devices.

Event producers are already seeing a couple of people entering in their events using only their smart watches. The app is available for both Android Wear and Apple Watch. The Apple Watch app made a small appearance in one of the keynotes of Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2015 and was featured in the entertainment category of Apple's Brazilian website.