Backstage APP

Year: 2015

Responsibilities: Creative direction, Visual Design, Front-end development, Requirements analysis, Information Architecture, Interaction Design

Awards: 2015 - Meffys, Best Enterprise App (Android and iOS) - Finalist

Backstage is an app that enables event producers to have full control of their events in the palm of their hands. They can sell and print tickets, reimburse transactions, validate tickets at the entrance, see sales and attendance stats in real time and much more.

Backstage was formerly an app dedicated only to entry control, so to add all the new features we first conducted a requirements analysis with the sales team, followed by an Information Architecture analysis and, of course, hundreds of sketches.

The former app had only about 5 different screens, while the new one has more than 20. One of the main concerns was to design the app in a way that it could encompass more features in the future without having to go through a whole redesign again. Another concern was to make the app flexible enough to suit different types of users. The former app only had one main user, the one responsible for validating the tickets at the entrance. Backstage, on the other hand, has also a user responsible for selling, another one for managing, another one for printing reports, and so on.  That is why we decided to add a screen (the event screen) that serves as a hub to all these different flows, so it allows removing or adding new flows with much more ease.

For this project we created a whole new brand. We decided to split all the products in Ingresse in two different sides: the costumer side, that would keep Ingresse’s current branding; and the producer side, which would get all the new Backstage branding. Although the logo is quite similar, we decided to use only the blue color since it is associated with confidence, stability, and intelligence; and we took out the orange since it is tied much more to fun and amusement, which doesn’t really fits with reports and serious operations. Currently the website version of Backstage (which was also a different product) is getting this new branding as well.

The app is currently available for Android, which was designed using material design, and for iOS. If you want to create and manage your future events, go check them out.