A/B Tests with GoodUI.org

Year: 2017

Responsibilities: Planning, A/B Testing, User Interface Design

Highlight: I’m currently the top contributor on GoodUI.org with 12 patterns and 13 A/B test results shared.

GoodUI.org run experiments with trusted companies open to testing similar ideas and then sharing their results.


VivaReal is an online real estate portal that enables its users to sell, buy, rent or invest in residential and commercial properties throughout Brazil and receives over 50 million monthly visits. One of the key factors for VivaReal success is the culture of experimentation. While working at VivaReal in 2017, I’ve participated in a mentorship with Jakub Linowski from GoodUI.org and we had done some great advances with A/B testing at VivaReal, designing together 13 tests.


  • Exposed Call Button: 17.3% increase in leads by showing a visible call button linking to the phone's dialler with a pre-filled number

  • Canned Response: 5.2% increase in leads by adding a textarea field with a custom message written in the first person at the beginning of the contact form.

  • Visible Response Time: 2.3% increase in leads by showing an average response time along with a response rate at the bottom of the contact form.

  • Hover Button: 6.9% increase in leads by showing the calls to actions and buttons in the search results cards only during an on hover event.

  • Fewer Form Fields: Negative one. 13.6% decrease in leads by removing a textarea field from the contact form.

  • Bulleted Reassurances (1): Negative one. 5% decrease in leads by placing bulleted reassuring statements close to the call to action.

  • Bulleted Reassurances (2): Negative one. 2.2% decrease in signups and trials by placing bulleted reassuring statements close to the call to action.

  • Centered Forms: 11.8% increase in leads by entering the input forms on screen for greater visibility, instead of placing them on the sides.

  • Exposed Menu Options: In this test the options are made more visible by being taken out of a collapsable menu. This encourages people to make choices they might not have thought were there.

 It lead to 6.2% increase in signups and trials.

  • Instant Results: 1.6% increase in leads by updating search result after each change to a filter, instead of a search button.

  • More Results: 6.8% increase in leads by showing more results on the listing page.

  • List Vs. Grid View: Negative one. 0.5% decrease in leads by showing results in a grid view instead of a list one.

  • Faded Background Form: When a user focuses on the contact form, everything else around it fades. This change lead to a 0.6% increase in leads.